“Most talking heads are just average. They hope to improve with repetition, so they watch and listen to what others do on TV, and then they copy that. But, when you copy average you become average. I have never been comfortable with being an average communicator so I figured out ways to emerge from the pack. Now I teach those breakaway skills. It’s called accelerated development. And once you learn these skills how to be above average, you then
separate yourself from the average pack. I learned all these skills in the field and in the studio. They now comprise my Marc’d Academy curriculum. None of it is theory. It’s practical. It’s applicable now. I teach what’s essential to succeed today. This training however, is not for everyone. Most are happy right where they are, and don’t want to learn a new OS. Average is the new standard for communicators.”



“NO other person in the industry has this unique
diversification of skillset. Rarely even used, the term Mediaologist, refers to an individual who operates within the media with such cognizance and sophistication to consider it science. When Marc discusses the media, it sounds like science. He delineates how all the parts are connected. In a small way he has improved TV content, by making the purveyors of content, talent, better. Never really someone who went by the book, Marc then decided to write his own book. He knows the various facets of the media world as well as anyone.”


~Stephen Ihli, Marc’s Biographer


“Every day I wake up running because I have so much to accomplish. To get everything done it’s essential I maintain an apex level of fitness. If I’m confused or troubled I just stop. I listen to nature and pray. That’s where all the answers lie. Low stress, proper exercise, sleep and fuel. I don’t workout to the point that I beat up my body. I got in shape when I was in the 10th grade, and have never got out of shape. I practice many forms of fitness: climbing stairs, hiking, weights, cycling and yoga. Longevity in life comes down to healthy choices. You only have one body, and it is kind of hard to find replacement parts. I don’t tell people how to stay fit. I only know what works for me.”


“I’ve often felt embedded with wildlife and nature; a preservationist, a conservationist, and a selective caretaker of wildlife. I want my son and grandkids to enjoy the freedoms I’ve enjoyed. Poachers who kill indiscriminately, for body parts and meat are the real enemy to wildlife. Hunters donate millions of dollars annually to habitat, animal relocation and anti-poaching programs. Anti-hunting groups don’t want the public to know these truths. Just like any bunch, such as law enforcement, we have a few bad apples. And I believe when science justifies

it, hunting of certain species should be banned. All hunters have a responsibility to respect, and to be exemplary stewards of, wildlife. Animal cruelty of any kind is not accepted.”


“Everything I do is positive. Negativity and gossip are not welcome here. I try to live my life conflict and worry-free.  When people hate, I go higher, sometimes even thanking them for their attack. Haters are based mindset wise, on fear of others. That’s why racism and hate crimes exist. Now, if individuals focused more on themselves, and less on everyone else, the world would be a better place. Society has concluded because you don’t strike back at someone, you’re weak or guilty of what has been alleged. All day on social media, people shoot arrows at each other attacking big names in hopes of building their small profiles. A judgmental world. But a Godly person possesses the real strength to not retaliate. Any person rooted in fear doesn’t know how to do this.”


“Marc is an INFJ. He is not a shy man, however, at times he struggles to find comfort around people. He’s a gregarious person, yet he craves solitude. Marc is a highly organized and structured person, yet this is the same guy who wanders off into the Africa wild with no map or GPS. If it sounds like he is a walking talking contradiction, that’s because sometimes, Marc is. Many INFJ’s are. However, he is a fiercely loyal man, with unprecedented work ethic and drive. Guided by an intuitive psyche, Marc operates off of the 16:8 rule. 16 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep each day. His INFJ compass has for sure saved him repeatedly in life.”


~Stephen Ihli, Marc’s Biographer


“I used to be control freak until I realized I don’t really control things. There’s a much higher power than me. He guides my optimism, intuition, and refusal to be revengeful or bitter. I‘ve made friends from my enemies. When speaking publicly, or in front of large groups, the Holy Spirit watches over me. I don’t believe in prayer as last resort. It should

be the first resort. I don’t pray for miracles to happen to me. I pray that I am a miracle to someone else. Learn to highlight little things that go right, not big things that go wrong. You and I may look different, but if you are Godly, I know we share the same spiritual DNA. When in pain, don’t swear; turn to prayer. I’m not sinless, but I can definitely sin less often. I don’t use Him. I let Him use me.”